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Ranch Update: Bathtub Blues

Just a quick update on my work at The Ranch this weekend. I spent the whole time trying to get the drain set up for the bathtub. It shouldn’t be that difficult, but apparently it was.

First, the drain comes directly out of the flood in exactly the spot I wanted it to. That’s actually bad, because I needed an S-trap, which pushed the drain further back. I managed to make that work, except the drain kit for the tub uses that opening for the overflow, and the drain itself is set even farther back

So my tub has slid considerably from the original placement. That wouldn’t have been too bad, except then I had to screw the drain plug from the tub into the PVC drain coming up. The [expletive] thing kept leaking. Jiggling a bathtub back and forth while trying to use a Leatherman multi-tool to screw a drain just a little tighter is a bit of an adventure when you only have two hands.

Eventually I got it resolved, but it was a very frustrating process. No pictures this week.

Next weekend I’m staying home to work on the backyard. I’m having four tons of sand delivered.



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