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Credit Score: Now that’s just funny right there

My credit card company recently started displaying my Transunion credit score when I log into my online account. It’s in the “good” range, but being an over-achiever, I was curious as to why it wasn’t in the “totally fabulous” range.  TransUnion helpfully provides the following:

Ways to "fix" my credit score

Yeah, you’re reading that right. Let’s translate, shall we?
  1. No adverse factor (you’re not a screw-up, so you’re unlikely to blow a lot of money in extra finance charges)
  2. Too few active mortgage accounts (You bought a house you could actually afford, instead of one way beyond your means. Are you a commie?)
  3. Total account balances excluding mortgages is too high (You have a lot of non-mortgage debt, which you can afford because you have a too-reasonable mortgage — see #2 above — but we don’t care).
  4. Too few recently opened bank installment accounts (even we just dinged you for having a lot of debt, we’re gonna ding you again for not taking on even more).

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