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Update on my backyard

I’ve been leveling out the portion of my backyard where the pool will go, and I’m pretty close to finished. I’ve also cleaned up a lot of the weeds, organized my gardening containers, and moved my lemon tree to its permanent location. A few pics:

I’ve been going up to The Ranch frequently, so I haven’t had time to get the paving stones in underneath the gazebo. Much as I hate the thought of doing it, I think I’ll probably order the gravel next week and spend the evenings hauling it from the driveway to the back yard. I had hoped to spend a weekend doing it, but it’ll be a month before I have a weekend free, and I don’t want to wait that long.

Speaking of The Ranch, I think-hope-pray that I’ve finally persuaded the roofer to come out this coming Monday and put the roofing material on the Cabana. It’s a special membrane that’s extremely energy-efficient and comes with a 15 year warranty, but needs to be applied with special equipment, which is why I hired a roofer. Nearly four months later, it looks like it’s finally happening. Would have been nice if he had gotten around to it a month ago before the monsoons hit, but at this point I’ll take what I can get.

The water lines have been run and the electrical is partially finished. I’m looking at August 30 to get the signoff for my framing/ rough plumbing / rough electrical inspections. After that, there’s just the final inspection left!


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