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Archive for August 2010

Spinach sprouts

August 25, 2010

My most recent spinach “crop” (to use the term very loosely) appears slightly more successful. After sprouting the seed in a dampened napkin – which took about for days – I planted it in a container of potting dirt outside. 3 days later, it pushed through the surface of the soil. I had tried sprouting […]

Gardening Update: Spinach

August 20, 2010

I’ve been trying to grow spinach and have not had a lot of success at it. The first time, I planted the seeds indoors in a pot. They sprouted, shot up to about 3 inches (a single long, pale sprout), then rolled over and died. Sources tell me this is a sign of not enough […]

More canning

August 20, 2010

Boneless chicken was on sale for $0.89/lb a few weeks back, so Boy and I bought 20 lbs of it and canned it up. Half of it we mixed with green chiles and onions to make up enchilada filling, and the other half was just straight chicken. In addition, we mixed up some enchilada sauce […]

Getting Buy-In from Significant Others

August 17, 2010

There are few things as annoying and depressing than excitedly telling your partner about a new project or progress on a current project, and having him/her nod in vague disinterest. Understandably, not everyone has the same interests, but even a little enthusiam would be appreciated, right? Having a confidant not only boosts your own excitement […]

Update on my backyard

August 12, 2010

I’ve been leveling out the portion of my backyard where the pool will go, and I’m pretty close to finished. I’ve also cleaned up a lot of the weeds, organized my gardening containers, and moved my lemon tree to its permanent location. A few pics: I’ve been going up to The Ranch frequently, so I […]